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ACEC Presentation: Run a School Internet Radio Station

This is my post for a conference presentation at the ACEC conference in Melbourne. There SHOULD be a a video stream you can watch here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/technology-in-education-show

Check here for the timing of the presentation: Wednesday 7th April, 4.40pm Run a School Internet Radio Station UNIVERSAL TIME ZONE CALCULATION

Below you will find a list of actions to take, a link to an 'etherpad' where you can add your own links and other insights, an embedded version of my presentation, a voicethread to comment on, and finally an embedded chat system for use during the session.


Explore the links in this post, text chat with attendees & virtual attendees.

Leave a comment on this blog post giving your perspective or story, or introducing yourself.

Connect with me! Subscribe to my blog using the link in the right margin, or send me a twitter message to @steve_collis, or come visit my school: http://scil.nsw.edu.au/pd/ Also I am running a free online seminar myself in a few days. Please email me at scollis then the @ sign, then nbcs.nsw.edu.au to get an invite.

Click here and add to the resources contributed by others related to this presentation: http://ietherpad.com/audiointeaching

Download 'Audacity' for free from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ and start playing! 

On the broader topic of 'student publishing' check out: www.realaudienceproject.com  - a work in progress, but this is basically a portal to all our student publishing projects... check out the LuLu book publishing project in particular.

Visit http://radio.setnine.com/  and get your own radio station running right now!

Listen to our radio station - open this link in iTunes:

Listen to our FrenchFM youtube channel: http://youtube.com/frenchfm

Also, here is my intro for the conference presentation on our school internet radio station. Most of the presentation will be a practical demonstration - we'll actually put together our own radio content - but I'll start off running through the basic process of setting a station up (which is quite straightforward). Press the RIGHT PLAY BUTTON to advance through the presentation:


I will refer to a VoiceThread - leave a comment to say what you think about this Quad burger!


Here is the live chat system for the presentation. If you tweet, use the hashtag 'acecradio' so the comment is included: