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How You Can Be Involved in my ACEC Presentations This Week

(Apart from what follows below, also see /2010/04/teachers-recount-your-journey.html for another way you can participate!) 

In all four of my presentations at ACEC this week I have put measures in place to make the sessions:

1. Fully accessible for anyone in the world, even if they are not attending.Presenter-at-acec2010_0  

2. Interactive and collaborative.

For each presentation I will publish a blog post right here at www.happysteve.com which will include:

A link to a live video broadcast of the presentation. (It is possible this won't work but I have had complete success at other conferences)

A basic summary of the information delivered, especially useful links and also an "ACTION LIST" of things you can do immediately to get started on replicating the ideas I mention.

An interactive chat system, so you can discuss what you are hearing with the people who are right there in the room with me. 

An 'etherpad' collaborative document, so that both virtual and physical attendees can add THEIR wisdom, experiences, and knowledge to my presentation.

My hope is that by taking these measures, I can avoid the 'active speaker/passive participants' syndrome, and make the presentations a launching pad for sharing, conversation, networking, individual research, and DO IT NOW actions... because I can't stand the irony of presenting on NEW PEDAGOGY using OLD PEDAGOGY!

These posts will appear about 30 minutes before each presentation

-------> right here at happysteve.com <------

The links below are conference summaries and time information only. Check back at happysteve.com for the video, chat system, etc. Oh you could also subscribe (see right margin of website) to have the posts delivered to your inbox.

Wednesday 7th April, 10.30am 3D Virtual Worlds: One School's Journey UNIVERSAL TIME ZONE CALCULATION

Wednesday 7th April, 4.40pm Run a School Internet Radio Station UNIVERSAL TIME ZONE CALCULATION

Friday 9th April, 11.00am Moodle Your Mad Mind to the Max UNIVERSAL TIME ZONE CALCULATION

Friday 9th April, 1.55pm Professional Development and the Web UNIVERSAL TIME ZONE CALCULATION