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Teachers - Recount Your Journey

Hello everyone! I am presenting on the topic "Professional Development and the Web" at the ACEC conference this Friday. I want to present some testimonials from teachers who have found that engaging with colleagues online via blogging, Twitter, online conferences, etc, has had a profound impact on them.

I guess I am looking for teachers who would be able to say:

"Engaging with other educators online has changed everything for me."

If this is you, could you please respond to this post with a comment recounting your journey? Can you tell how engaging with other educators online has affected your morale, perspective, energy levels, motivation, career opportunities, or anything else?

You may have just discovered Twitter. Or perhaps you were there from the start. Perhaps you don't tweet but you blog. Perhaps you don't blog but you tweet. When did your journey begin? How has it affected you? What makes the difference? What next...? 

In particular, could you make some sort of comment about whether the benefits you have had from being part of the online conversation have flowed on to your students, and in what way? 

Recount your journey.


 http://www.flickr.com/photos/john/ / CC BY-NC 2.0

In the presentation I will show some of the recounts, but also invite participants to read all comments for themselves. Other visitors to this post can read your experiences and post their own.