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My Manifesto Presentation on Connectedness

Have you developed a mythology or theology that positions and interprets technology?

A few weeks ago I was given an entire HOUR to present to my friends and colleagues at Northern Beaches Christian School. I did not take the opportunity lightly. I spent ages trying to distill what I think about the internet, and connectedness, and how to understand what it is doing to us.

It seemed crucial that when I present I include an online audience in addition to my face to face colleagues. In the videos, below, I've copied the online chatter by people before, during, and after the presentation, which was broadcast live over webcam.

Here is Part 1 (but I suggest you click the link down the bottom of this post to get the full 8 video playlist). 

If you're short of time, the best bits are in parts 1, 2 and 3 I think. I project the backchannel in the later parts.

The scariest thing about the presentation was that I wanted to provoke the thoughts of Christians and not-Christians alike, without alienating either. YOU TRY DOING THAT, KKTHXBYE... lolz a bit of kudos ladies and gentleman, pleez!

I tried to go back to 'first principles' and then bring them to bare on the new connectedness, the new space (my term). You have to stop and think about what you think about technology, and you have to be consistent. From fire to the internet is not so great a leap. It has everything to do with how we relate to our environment and to each other.

I am really proud of what I managed to pull together for the presentation. I've watched myself several times now, after the fact, and reflected more on where we are as a species, how we get along, how we connect, and where on earth we're going.

Click here for the playlist of all 8 parts of the presentation: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=DEADCA74F2553FAE

Notice each one is available in 'high quality'. I uploaded them to YouTube in full DV quality - 1.6 gig for every 8 minutes of footage. This is why it has taken a couple of weeks to upload.

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P.S. the best quotes from the presentation are, in hindsight (because at the time I was making it up):

"If you're not on Twitter, know that you're not, and be at peace with that." ha ha!

"Privacy is gone forever - the horse has bolted, it's not coming back in the barn."

"Your résume should be 'google me'."

"Since when was privacy a kingdom value?"

"At the start of history there's a garden. At the end there's a city." (First noticed this thanks to Brian McLaren)