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[Frames] - Introduction

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I've developed a vocabulary around what I call [frames]  as an exercise in considering an object, thought, experience, system, etc as an arbitrary, constructed thing that can be reconstructed in a new way. It is a way of provoking an alienated state, where you can see the otherwise familiar in a new light, which opens up possibilities for reinventing.

[Frames] may remind you of memes, and they may overlap in some situations.

The square brackets are part of the whole conceit, forcing a slight mental provocation

A [frame]  is simply a component of... anything you wish to consider. 

At the time of writing I have 4 types of [frames] in mind. They very deliberately transcend boundaries of physical / mental, objective reality and subjective reality.

These 4 types are:

Organisational [frame]

Sequence [frame]

Narrative [frame]

Explanatory [frame]

In other posts I will define each of these.

I will also give some examples of how to use them.