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Amusing Incidents at Woollies

Went to the shops for dinner ingredients (& duck paté).
A mum, dad and 4 year old were walking behind me in the supermarket.
I kid you not:
Kid : paahhhhh! paaaahs!
Mum : Stop whinging and whining.
Kid : 'pah' 'I want paaaahs'
Mum screams back: STOP IT NOW!
Kid stops a moment.
Kid : pahhhhhns!
I'm confused as to what this is all about, until...
Mum: You're NOT having prawns for dinner!

Not everyday you hear a 4 year old screaming for prawns. Then, to my disbelief...

Mum: OH ALRIGHT! If we get you prawns will you stop your whinging?
Kid: ...yes.
Mum: Really? You will stop all your whinging and whining?
Kid: Yes.
Mum: Ok go with your Dad and get some prawns.
Kid walks happily the other way with Dad.

The last thing I heard as they walked off, was the kid, insistent to dad:

"...I get to choose which ones."

As if on a theme, two minutes later in another aisle, another kid, older, said to his friend "Let's play handball," and off they went, there and then, with a tennis ball.