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2013 New Year Game

After a break from playing, here's our first game for 2013!

Move 13 - the moves leading up to move 13 leave me feeling claustrophobic about my position, and especially my knight seems de-activated and sidelined, and I'm stuck with awkward double pawns. In comparison your position looks really good and full of space and possibility. However your E2 bishop and your queen are disconnected from other pieces. You still tend to do this a little bit and your playing would be stronger if you kept your pieces better connected.

Move 19 great move to put the rook on the open file, especially opposite my queen. Forgetting about your knight is a blunder, and I think we're both at a similar level of play so that whichever of us can avoid blundering is likely to win. It's helpful to think "I will win by not blundering!" rather than "I will win with a genius strategy!" Putting all your attention on not blundering is a legitimate way of winning! I was very much just trying not to blunder for much of this game.

Move 25 yikes, I don't like the look of that - your rook is disconnected and has limited moves or retreat options available. Probably not worth the pawn. That the pawn was available was my blunder!

Move 29 my blunder! Well spotted!

Move 30 I pick up your bishop that I noted was undefended back at move 13. I am a piece up now.

Move 32 your bishop and rook are very awkward. The bishop blocks your rook from moving, and is dependent on your rook for support, but your rook has no support from any other piece. Your other rook is disconnected.

Move 37 by the time you've repaired your position, I've activated enough of my pieces to finish the game.

Overall game:

The game looks very even to me. My position started poor and improved, yours started strong and weakened. We both blundered more than once. I ended up with more material and a stronger position. Really great play from you - the only tip I have is to obsess over keeping your pieces hyper-connected.