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ELH Conference - video stream starting now


The Broadcast Channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/technology-in-education-show

August 14 to 16, 2011

In brief: I will use this page to broadcast a video stream of the Expanding Learning Horizons conference is taking place RIGHT NOW in Lorne, Victoria, Australia, whenever I can. I'll get permission from presenters as I go. I'll send updated via my Twitter feed as to my intentions.

I love the thought that rather than travel, pay $$ for conference rego, get permission from your school, etc, etc, you can participate in the conference from your arm chair, with a cuppa, just when you feel like it!

Sessions by myself and colleagues from NBCS / SCIL:

- my colleagues Lou Deibe and Ro Beale - on 'Empowered by Immersion' Monday 2.30pm (international time here), excitingly, they will cross live via Skype to 'the zone', an open space with 180 students, 6 teachers, gamified science, and a heck of a lot of learning!

- I will stream my own session, on 'teacher learning and the web', Monday 4pm (international time here)

- my colleague Coral Connor on 'Mathematical Matrix of Bloom's Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences' Tuesday 10.15am (international time here)