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A young reluctant writer WRITES! How!?

Imagine a Primary student who is extremely reluctant about writing...


...composing a careful, polished, 10 minute script where two individuals dig deep in their quest to understand what 'democracy' really is, invoking history and the original Greek root of the word in the process, and all this in every day language!


How is this possible?


Well, via a little tool called 'Xtranormal'. Xtranormal allows students to compose a comic film, including camera angles, actors, speech intonation, and so forth.


The student in question chose to make the conversation to be between Queen Elizabeth II and, well, some guy on the street. It is actually very witty, to boot.

In the first 45 seconds or so it's a bit slow to start, but the rest is pure gold:



Kudos to @misscmorrison and @ldeibe for the link, the idea, and for inspiring their student.