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Innovation and Learning

Start with clarity of intent.

Now build it out with an evocative vision. Improvise progress by tinkering: with lots of trial and lots of error. The not knowing is the best bit: the mysteries the surprises, and from time to time the windfalls! 

Hello there, I'm Steve Collis! 

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Technology as Magic Dust

It ain't magic dust. And if you construe it as magic dust it will become pure poison.

Have you ever had a conversation around "how to get teachers using technology" or "how can we increase technology integration"? To me, these questions are somewhere between nonsensical and downright hazardous. 

You better watch out if you don't ask some pretty basic questions about technology first. What is this beast? And it is a BEAST.

It is our making, our undoing. We're extended through technology. We make it. It makes us.



Our joy, our despair, curing diseases & promising hope, lobotomising, alienating, destroying & saving lives via proxy. Amplifying, dissolving. Scaling beyond design specs...

Have you got a philosophy of technology? Metaphysics even? If you like, theology. A robust master system?

Anything other than fish-in-water will do. Fish swim default, get caught.

These words are in your brain, munching on your neurons. How did they get there again? You have information about what I typed at my kitchen table, yet I don't even know who you are. How very asymmetrical. ..