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13 year old sends Hello Kitty into Space

Hat tip to Adrian Bruce who shared this. A 13 year old girl has sent a Hello Kitty doll to the edge of space, mounted with several cameras. The footage is jaw-dropping:

There is so much that I want to say about this - about the way we've constructed an over-long childhood, and infantalise young people - socialising them for factory jobs that either don't exist anymore, or represent a dream of stable employment now 65 years old. 

I still remember an entire History unit when I was in Year 9, that consisted of copying notes from the board. It was teaching me something, that's for sure, but the something was less about history and more about the acceptance of mindless repetition.

This girl isn't copying out lines, OR falling into line.

She's launching Hello Kitty into space.

Metaphor anyone!?