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Dunalley Primary School Burned Down, How to Help

Seven days ago Dunalley Primary School in Tasmania, was burned down by the bushfires. You can read their story in their own words here.

Their website photo album shows what used to be - what has burned down.

Their children have drawn pictures and written messages - "I love my school. I whish It wasent bernt Down I want it back again." - 6 year old Ella Burnet-Whitney

The buildings are gone but the ambition is to open for the new year with no interruption. The Education Minister Nick McKim has announced demountables are already on their way.

There are clear and definite ways you can help their community:

- Donate item(s) - they have published an itemised list of bread-and-butter items they need to function here, including a cash donation appeal.

***** STOP PRESS JAN 13 - I've noticed on their website they are now requesting cash or voucher donations only. What a great sign of people's generosity! ******

- check status of what is still needed at their Facebook page here.

- Megan IemmaSue Wyatt and Donnelle Batty set up a google spreadsheet to help track items donation and practical assistance tasks here

- Finally, there is click-to-donate initiative that has been set up via Eventbrite, here