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Come work with me!! (French teacher position available)

Dear readers of my humble blog,

My school, Northern Beaches Christian School, in Terrey Hills, Sydney, Australia, is currently looking to

SCIL Building

 take on a Secondary French teacher. I realise you may be reading from another country, or in Australia but interstate, but I am keen to cast our net as wide as possible! Who knows who might read this and either be keen to come and join our team, or know someone who might be interested.

It really is a fantastic opportunity. You'd be working with me, since I head up the Languages department, which has got to be a huge plus! 

Also, I think I work at the best school in the world! Staff morale is high, we treat each other kindly and supportively, we're open, collaborative, optimistic and creative in the way we approach teaching. 

We approach learning relationally, supporting the students and inspiring them. I've blogged about many of the things we do!

My school also runs the "Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning" which opens up untold opportunities our staff (just ask me - I am a classic example). We reward, celebrate and support new ideas.

Do I paint a picture? I've been here 8 years and just love it!

Anyway, read on for a blurb about the job and how to find out more. Seriously, if you know anyone who might suit this position, send them the link to this post and let them know about it!

French Teacher

Unique opportunity at NBCS

Work in a highly innovative, multi-modal, state-of-the art learning
space, with a motivated, multi award winning French language team.

Northern Beaches Christian School is looking for a Secondary French
Teacher, starting Term 3, 2010. Applicants must be active Christians with
current church involvement.

To apply, download an application form from our website: www.nbcs.nsw.edu.au/employment

Applications close
Monday June 14, 2010. For more information, phone (02) 9986 7216 or email: work@nbcs.nsw.edu.au