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Web 2.0 in Education Song - "Log them In"

I have to give a short presentation at school about my role, so I've recorded a music video promoting the web for use in education.

Here is the music video. All the projects featured are from my school, but I had in mind to make a video others could use, to play to staff to encourage them about the potential of the web.

In making the video I was again reminded, and now believe more strongly than ever, that the internet can give students an awareness that they have something to contribute. Nothing beats the little visitor map you put up on a class website showing where people are visiting from. When such a powerful platform exists that we can provide our students, it is an awful shame to deprive them of it.

Here's the song:

And here's the lyrics:

Lyrics of the Song:
Our hustle bustle world is spinning in infinity
With multifarious ways of reconnecting to each other such as Facebook
Bebo FriendFeed YouTube Twitter Second Life Utterli Wikipedia Flickr Skype and rate my poo.com

The God of Pedagogy doth demand that we devote ourselves
To leading on our young ones so they thrive in this connected world of Facebook
Voicethread FriendFeed YouTube Twitter Second Life Utterli Wikipedia Flickr Skype and rate my poo.com

The four walls of our classroom hold the roof up, keep us warm and shut us in,
as Shakespeare said about the Web 'The world's a stage' log on, perform,
promote, engage, The world's a stage, dont lock your daughters up, just
log them in.

Our students have so much to say, to offer, give, compose, create,
internet provides the perfect platform for empowering kids to take the
lead, define a voice, contribute something, something useful, something far superior to what's on ratemypoo.com

Its the Wild Wild West, the Wild Wild Web, were well aware of lurking dangers,
Students must be guided, trained, equipped, instructed, left to wander,
They should seize their salad days, surf the web, avoid the rips, and make a page, avoid the rocks, and make a betterworld.com  (deliberately corny, kk?)