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View my slides here and here. - footage and various links to do with NBCS. 

iPad apps for K to by Bloom's Taxonomy 

Ken Robinson, Do Schools Kill Creativity

Interesting side track RE Bloom's Taxonomy & Flipped Learning


Teacher as curator. Physical & Virtual.

Day made of Glass - spot the rows facing the front! How did that get in there!?

In contrast, Audacious Class at NBCS - 180 kids in 1 space with 0 teachers for 6 hours.

So what design and curation choices will you make about physical and virtual space?

Possible ingredients:

Physical space:

- cave (1 to self), campfire (1 to many), watering hole (many to many - kaching!)

- note that writing is virtual space. Writing on surfaces makes for excellent collaboration space. 

Virtual space:

Finding possibilities IS a big dillemma! Use Twitter - using these 'hashtags' (conventional search keywords).

#1 information delivery space

I'm going to blog about my French online unit - come back soon. Read about curation of content into a learning landscape here.

#2 interactive space

The interactive space I recommended is Also 3D virtual spaces.

#3 performance space 


Book publishing with LuLu.comInternet Radio / Podcasting

Anastasis Academy

a good overview of Anastasis by founder Kelly Tenkely. Kelly's blogKelly's TwitterAnother blog by Kelly.

- teacher Michelle Baldwin's blogTwitter

- cofounder Matthew Quigley's blogTwitter.

- other Anastasis blogs: 

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