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Innovation and Learning

Start with clarity of intent.

Now build it out with an evocative vision. Improvise progress by tinkering: with lots of trial and lots of error. The not knowing is the best bit: the mysteries the surprises, and from time to time the windfalls! 

Hello there, I'm Steve Collis! 

Click on "contact", won't you, and wave right back at me?

PBL in Little Pieces


10.30am Intro 

  • Hello!
  • Learning design & "human-centred" design.
  • Where PBL fits in & how we approach it. 

10.45am Learner Experience Profiles

  • We capture insights about one of our learners using the "people" board and cards.
    • What does the world look like to this learner?
    • What language is natural to them? what issues do they care about ?
    • What are they curious about?

11.00am Generate PBL Ideas on the "Storyboard"

(click here for starter ideas)

  1. Big Idea (think TED)
  2. Driving Question
  3. Product
  4. Exhibition
  5. Entry Event
  6. Immersion


11.45am - 2.00pm Design a Unit for your Learners using the Design Boards

Optional Mini-Sessions:

11.45am Using Animoto for Entry Events

12.00pm Web Publishing with Weebly & Print Publishing with Lulu

1.00pm Skyping In

1.15pm Immersion / Gamification Ideas 

1.30pm Personalising for different learners.

1.45pm Virtual and physical space design

2.00pm Gallery Walk... "I Like" and "I Wonder..."


SCIL Project Based Learning resource portal.  examples and resources for our 6 "little bits" of PBL

Web Portal Examples  (username: scilvisitor, password: design)