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Innovation and Learning

Start with clarity of intent.

Now build it out with an evocative vision. Improvise progress by tinkering: with lots of trial and lots of error. The not knowing is the best bit: the mysteries the surprises, and from time to time the windfalls! 

Hello there, I'm Steve Collis! 

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I love a bit of positive feedback! I'm intrigued and heartened by the running themes in the feedback below: inspiration, and mind expansion. I do think any kind of practice can take the next step if we just wiggle our thinking around a little. 

Feedback on your presentation was phenomenal! They loved your presentation because it was a great mix of demonstration, videos, didactic, humour, questioning, and reflecting. The concept of learning space has without doubt captured teachers and various discussion within the French teachers community has since emerged from it. So once again, Bravo for your inspiration and you genuine desire to help us teach!
— Christine Tolefe, President, Teachers of French Association, WA
I’ve had some great conversations since the day with teachers and administrators saying that they’ve been doing a lot of thinking since hearing you talk. Thank you for the inspiration!
— Tania Calais, Associate Education Director, South Queensland Adventist Schools
Just a quick email to thank you so much for your presentation at the Lutheran Middle Schools Network Workshop in Adelaide last week.
As I mentioned to you after the workshop this was definitely the BEST middle school workshop I have been to. You explained the theory behind the pedagogy used, but much more importantly you outlined how we could implement some of these ideas into our classroom.
— Leanne Filmer - Teacher
The day was a perfect blend of ideas, inspiration, conversation and time to collaborate. Steve kept the focus on learning, and provided plenty of concrete examples with exemplar video footage. He provided tireless hands-on guidance, and left our teachers absolutely buzzing about their new projects.
— Vince Campbell, Principal - Sacred Heart Primary School
Steve facilitated our group to find our own answers. Our team is energised and keen to get stuck into future-proofing our classrooms for our students.
— Carl Heise, Mater Dei College, Wagga Wagga
As ever with Steve he gives well thought out, thoroughly resourced presentations and leads you to think in new ways and present education in an innovative and fun way. Glad to be on the journey with him.
— Linda Clark, Mount Alvernia College
Stephen was the ultimate host and we all had a genuine sense for his passion, enthusiasm and professional engagement in education.
— Scott Ellis, Geelong Christian College
I found each Innovate session inspiring and challenging. Inspiring because it asked questions of my teaching and practice that gave me new energy and enthusiasm for the classroom. Challenging because Stephen forced us to think outside the box and question how educative processes and thinking are put together. I felt the Innovate sessions demanded more thinking from me, and more reflection. I also enjoyed the interactions with other staff from other schools around each Innovate model or question. I felt Stephen also managed the pace well, and created environments for us to engage and converse around each new model or paradigm. Thank you Stephen.
— Ian Loom, Somerville House